Re-design of town logo of Kilamba in Africa. 
In understanding the system of which I chose (city), I needed to recognize the features of the pre-existing atmosphere and use the elements within the logotype. The city, of which I chose, Kilamba, is a city that was bulit by Chinese firms, made to overcome the lack of housing in Luanda, Angora in Africa. The finished city is almost an artwork in itself, using colour coding and a grid-like structure. There was no initial purpose in creating the town to be presented in this way, although it soon became recognisable for this factor. The city has an isolated ambiance, of which causes it to seem like a ghost town. Within my logotype, I wanted to recognize these factors, and make them apparent in the logotype created. I chose a typeface that already had a grid-like structure, with no serifs, and very square (Orator Std). To further make the logotype reflect the city itself; I then cut the typeface horizontally four times, and coloured the two middle sections to represent the colours portrayed. In doing this, I decided the logotype became too complex due to the multiple slices. To solve this, I only kept the middle sections, and adjusted the letters so that it clearly and concisely pronounced Kilamba. This meant that only the coloured sections were kept, leaving no black parts of the typeface. The logotype is representative of the city in both black and white, as well as colour, although the colour allows for further recognition.
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