Forgotten yet found

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera with Holga lens printed in black and white. ‘Forgotten yet found’ is a digital photography series that focuses on the mystery of abandonment, using a broken and rejected doll. This concept is reflected and inspired by the doll, as the doll itself could be considered an artwork, as it embodies mystery and neglect without the addition of photography. I was inspired by artists such as Polly Borland, Sally Mann, and Ana Cuba, whom all use the shape of a human body as the subject of their art making. Taking inspiration from Borland’s abstraction, Mann’s emotion evoking details, and Cuba’s portrayal of formation, I have created a series that demonstrates the intricacy of the human. The broken doll is a symbol for the complex human mind, and all if the obstacles one may encounter. The mirrors of which create abstraction in the series, is used as a symbol for the many ways that can help one to overcome the anxieties of the human mind. In creating this series, people can relate to the images in completely diverse ways, depending on their subjective minds. The medium of which the series is taken is also reflected by the concept, through the use of a digital SLR combined with a holga lens. The holga lens gives an eerie effect to the images, conveyed by the addition of darkened edges. I have decided to make the images black and white as this further enhances the gloomy aspect of the images, and thus exemplifying the overall concept of neglect.
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